68K Assembly Match 3 Game Assignment

Portfolio Categories: University.

In my final year of university I was tasked with creating a match 3 game that had to be created in 68000 Assembly and run successfully on the EASy68K Simulator.

The game is typical of most match 3 games where the user can choose two adjacent circles to swap to try and create a match of 3 of the same colour either horizontally or vertically.

After relying solely on high level languages to create games up to this point, it was a refreshing if not challenging change to create use a low level language such as assembly, and to implement it using an instruction set for a processor I otherwise wouldn’t have programmed for previously. Having originally created the game logic in C++ to test it, the bulk of the project involved having to translate how the code would work in C++ to assembly instead, and involved (among other things) utilising address registers to load in the single dimension array of colours and use a stride of 4 bytes to traverse through the array for the various parts of game logic